Fuell Folld-1 Electric Bike is Currently Accessible in the EU and the US

Fuell Folld-1 Electric Bike is Currently Accessible in the EU and the US

The EU and US are now selling the Fuell Folld-1 folding fat-tire e-bike. With its large tires, the e-bike can be ridden on off-road terrain. It has a 750W Bafang motor and is foldable.


The first electric bicycle that Fuell produced that folded was the Folld-1. Though the Flluid-1 is intended for both off-road and urban riding, Fuell has recently introduced the Flluid-2 and Flluid-3 bikes. For a smooth ride even on challenging terrain, it has 20 x 4-inch tires. The Folld-1’s 750W Bafang electric motor can reach top speeds of 32 km/h in the US and 25 km/h in the EU. Its torque is 85 Nm. In addition to having a thumb throttle, the US version of the e-bike has five assistance settings.

The Folld-1 has a 720Wh detachable battery that provides 113km (70 miles) of assistance range for the bike. Recharging the battery fully can take up to 6 hours, which can present a challenge when traveling. The e-bike’s main benefits, though, are its longer range and detachable battery. With its Mozo Fatman hydraulic suspension fork and a Fastace ZXC01 at the back, the new Folld-1 folding e-bike boasts a complete suspension system. Among its other important features, the model also has a color display.

The unibody magnesium alloy frame of the e-bike can be folded for increased versatility. In comparison to other models in its category, the bike’s weight of approximately 37.4kg makes it relatively heavy.

Cost and Availability

There is currently an introductory price of $1,995 and €1,995 for the Fuell Folld-1 electric bicycle in the US and the EU. The model’s initial price is $2,495 / €2,495; however, there is no information available regarding the launch date of this pricing structure.

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