Gartner Expects A Surge In GenAI Smartphones

Gartner Expects A Surge In GenAI Smartphones

According to senior director analyst Ranjit Atwal, although current GenAI enhances voice integration and camera functionality, users anticipate such kinds of updates.

“If there are no innovative apps available for GenAI smartphones, they are not likely to pay more for them.”

According to Gartner, large language models created especially for smartphones will advance and bring about a change in the way people use these devices.

This will “elevate the overall user experience” to new heights by transforming smartphones “into even more intuitive companions capable of comprehending and responding to human language and visual cues.”

Gartner cited several examples of GenAI already present in smartphones, including Google’s Gemini Nano, Baidu’s Ernie, and Open AI’s GPT-4.

Compared to nearly none in 2023, 240 million smartphones with GenAI capabilities are anticipated to ship this year.

After declining for nine consecutive quarters, smartphone shipments started to increase again in Q4 2023, according to Gartner. The prediction is for shipments to increase by 4.2% to 1.2 billion units this year; however, Atwal cautioned that this is not likely to indicate a “full-fledged recovery.”

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