Giuseppe Fedele, best young entrepreneur, clients as friends

Giuseppe Fedele, best young entrepreneur, clients as friends

Born in Taranto and currently live in Bari, a 26-year-old boy, owner of an automatic software that works in forex differs from his competitors for the limpidity

 and simplicity he puts into it. In fact, 4 years ago he had a profit of no more than € 700, he found himself facing a great opportunity and took advantage of it. Giuseppe cannot explain why he should be better than many other people who work 10 hours a day in the factory, and in fact he has decided to treat customers as friends and above all personally! This is what others do not do, for him it is as if he were a family if he is here he owes it to them.

Giuseppe, called ‘Beppe’ from his customers, sells services that can be software or training courses. They deal almost exclusively with forex at the moment but soon, given the rapid evolution and expansion, they will also enter the crypto world. What is Forex? Forex is the market where all the trades involving the different currencies take place. Not surprisingly, the term Forex itself derives from the English FOReign EXchange market. In addition to this, Giuseppe offers as many services as automatic trading software (Ea code), automatic trading software (dynamic), training course, copy trading. To specify one such as copy trading: it represents the investor who has the ability to automatically “copy” any trade made by another trader to his or her personal trading account. Unlike other services, the investor does not provide his funds directly to the trader he wants to copy.

Obviously, Giuseppe specifies that this world is open to anyone and his training courses are just for that! Still on this subject his future goal is to make himself known abroad and bring his customers to economic independence, those who have made him what he is!



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