Giving optimum results through his training, Vaughn Cohen is a name to reckon with in the fitness industry.

Giving optimum results through his training, Vaughn Cohen is a name to reckon with in the fitness industry.

That incredible body transformation that you have always dreamed of is possible now, with fitness guru Vaughn Cohen’s training programs.

The fitness industry is booming with majority wanting to have that gym toned body or those perfectly chiselled abs, with many looking up to their icons wanting to have similar looks and getting drawn to fitness like never before. There are many fitness experts who have made a mark in this industry but one man whose training skills and crazy body transformations are the talk of the town is Vaughn Cohen from the city of Marbella. Vaughn Cohen’s been into fitness industry since a long time.

He recalls how as a teen he used to pile on all the weights from the rack and train like there was no tomorrow, his training partner had these worst muscle soreness bouts the next day resulting in bandaged knee or sore elbow every other day. It was all a result of wrong training methods, but being young Cohen didn’t realize that these were the outcome of over training which were causing all the damage. Having followed the same incorrect methods down the years took a toll on him when training non-stop for hours thrice a day, combining weights and cross fit, going overboard on his training, he started getting injuries and hurt his shoulders, lower back and Achilles foot, topping it all was his herniated disc which restricted his movements in the gym and outside altogether. He realized that he was going wrong somewhere and fortunately had the right guide at the right time which made his fitness condition take a massive u-turn for good.

He credits his present condition to Nick Mitchell’s gyms in Marbella which have the best bunch of coaches who are well trained and knowledgeable to the core, Elliot Upton being one of the finest amongst them. He rescheduled Cohen’s entire training regimen including his dietary patterns which gave desired results. Cohen says “Elliott was the one who guided me to train within scheduled durations and concentrate on working on form rather than just piling on the weights and going on for hours which I had been doing all along my life. He chalked out my dietary plan and the works, and the results were amazing”. Today Vaughn Cohen is a recognized fitness trainer having a loyal base of clients who have benefitted tremenderously by his coaching and his name tops the list of acclaimed fitness trainers across the globe.

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