Gilmas, a french musician in the Big Apple

Gilmas, a french musician in the Big Apple

‘Ready for the showdown/ I’m on nervous lockdown!’, sings Gilmas in his last single Nervous Lockdown, released on Spotify and Apple Music a few weeks ago. He is holding strong though: the never-ending pandemic  may have changed -for now- the face of the music scene, but he is  staying positive, focusing on seizing moments of joy and transforming them into songs. For Gilmas, moving from Paris to New York was a dream come true, starting from scratch,  ‘starting over’ as he sings it in the E.P Starting Over released in 2019. You feel this New York vibe indeed in Stalling.

‘New York is a better Paris’, he says in a provocative way. He loves the New York state of mind he describes as both competitive and friendly. Things weren’t easy when he arrived in the big city just by himself, with no contacts,  living a nomadic life for a few months, but he feels it was worth it. He finally settled in Williamsburg, BK, set up his music studio and let the inspiration flood in.  There is nothing he likes more than sitting  at his desk in the morning with an expresso cup, playing the guitar , the bass or the piano-he’s a self-taught musician-, listening to music samples from all around the world thanks to modern technology( you hear an operatic-like voice in Sogno D’Italia) and starting a new song, like a blank page, a promising journey.

You can follow Gilmas on Instagram @gilmasofficial

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