Golden Cala Lensme’s Lens Catalogue Is Designed to Fit the Eye as Naturally as Can Be

Golden Cala Lensme’s Lens Catalogue Is Designed to Fit the Eye as Naturally as Can Be

Lensme has transformed the regional Contact Lens market in the Middle East, as almost every consumer that is interested in the contact lens market has to come into contact with Lensme be it online or offline through Golden Cala’s brick and mortar partners, such as Nahdi the biggest pharmacy chain, or Magrabi the biggest optical store in the Middle East.

Lensme’s contact lenses are made with purpose of looking as natural as possible when worn. Opposite to what the everyday consumer would think lenses are not made to look like you have lenses on. Rather the consumer wants the lenses they are wearing to look like they are there natural retina color. So Lensme’s management saw an opportunity which was not being tapped into which natural looking lenses, that do not look fake or do not go with the face that is wearing them. So, they began the company with their focus on creating a catalogue of lenses that look as natural as possible on the eyes that wear them. When Asked 

“What made you think of creating a natural looking catalogue for the Middle Eastern market?” 

Lensme’s management responded saying “We scoured the market for lenses that did not have colors that screamed unnatural, or screamed for and simply could not find any, and because of that we saw opportunity and decided to act upon it.”  Moreover, we also asked them when did these ideas occur to them, the management responded early 2012.

Finally we also asked did Lensme’s management have any experience in optics, or the market of contact lenses they said “at least 15 years of experience in the contact lens market”.

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