Google Expands Its Collaboration with iFixit and Introduces “Repair Mode” and Diagnostics for Pixel Smartphones

Google Expands Its Collaboration with iFixit and Introduces “Repair Mode” and Diagnostics for Pixel Smartphones

Google has announced that it is expanding its partnership with iFixit to provide new and improved documentation for its Pixel smartphone devices, making them easier to repair, and launching a “Repair Mode” that includes on-device diagnostics.

“In order to give you the greatest experience possible, we’re dedicated to making investments in the lifetime of our products and repair services for Pixel devices. Steven Nickel, director of operations for Google’s devices and services division, says, “We’ve launched a partnership with iFixit in 2022, so it’s easier to buy genuine Pixel parts and repair your phone with a professional or do it yourself (DIY).” Google has also provided seven years of software and hardware support for the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro.

The business is now taking things a step further, expanding its collaboration with iFixit to introduce enhanced repair guides and introducing new software functionalities to its Pixel devices. These features include a privacy-preserving Repair Mode, limiting access to private information and files in case you need outside assistance, and an on-device diagnostics system to identify issues and confirm that they have been fixed correctly.

“Most repair technicians are dependable individuals who merely want to assist you in getting your equipment functioning once more. However, opening your phone for a stranger can be unsettling, and technicians should not have to access your data in order to verify that your speakers or cameras are operational, according to Kyle Weins, CEO of iFixit. “We’re glad to see Google introducing this feature that takes the worry and hassle out of sending in a phone for repair.”

“To assist you in fixing your own Pixel, we’ve updated our Help page with new tools and instructions. Along with viewing repair manuals, ordering parts from iFixit, conducting diagnostic tests, and buying any necessary tools or parts, these features are also available thanks to the companies’ ongoing collaboration, according to Nickel. Additionally updated to make them simpler to use for technicians and do-it-yourselfers are the repair manuals. In the upcoming months, we will keep adding repair manuals for both past and new devices.”

Google is not the only company working with iFixit to increase its reputation among enthusiasts for do-it-repairs. Microsoft first announced in December 2021 that it was teaming up with the business to provide commercial versions of repair tools that were previously exclusive to authorized technicians—but only to those who were enrolled in the iFixit Pro program. In the same year, Apple took a different approach and introduced a self-service repair program for official components, tools, and manuals.

Visit the Google blog for additional details on the new Repair Mode and how to access the iFixit repair documentation.

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