Telephoto lens of 48 MP is rumored to be included in the iPhone 17 Pro Max

Telephoto lens of 48 MP is rumored to be included in the iPhone 17 Pro Max

A 48-megapixel Telephoto lens is expected to be included on the iPhone 17 Pro Max, according to Jeff Pu, an analyst covering Apple supply chain businesses.

The upgraded 48-megapixel Telephoto lens on the iPhone 17 Pro Max will be optimized for use with Apple’s upcoming Vision Pro headset, which is scheduled for release in the United States in early 2024, according to a research note Pu wrote this week with Hong Kong-based investment firm Haitong International Securities.

The note focused on Apple supplier Largan Precision. Pu did not elaborate on the lens’s specifications or how it will work with the Vision Pro.

The 48-megapixel primary, 12-megapixel ultra wide, and 12-megapixel telephoto lenses are available on the iPhone 15 Pro models. These devices can record spatial video with 3D depth for the Vision Pro to play back starting with iOS 17.2.

The main and ultra wide lenses work together to record spatial video with more depth when held in landscape orientation.

The iPhone 17 Pro Max may be the first iPhone model to have a rear camera system made up entirely of 48-megapixel lenses, as Pu stated earlier this year that iPhone 16 Pro models would include a 48-megapixel ultra wide lens. More megapixels give images greater detail, which is advantageous for printing and cropping.

Since the iPhone 17 Pro models aren’t expected to release until September 2025, which is still almost two years away, Apple may not have finalized its plans.

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