hanrevenge Drops His Debut Single

hanrevenge Drops His Debut Single

Los Angeles, California is home to up-and-coming artist hanrevenge, looking to take his career to the next level. With plans to release a handful of new music over the year, hanrevenge has been building momentum on social media as well as music streaming sites. As the plans come into fruition, hanrevenge recently released “Minus” as a preview of what is to be expected going forward.

“Minus” is the debut single for hanrevenge and he brings the bars. Touching on the subject of someone who believes they are closer to you than they actually are and putting them in their place. As he grows as an artist, more and more people will try to get closer to hanrevenge, but he doesn’t let them because he knows they are not genuinely there for him.

Hanrvenge made a statement in his latest release and is looking to keep that same energy flowing in 2022. Stay tuned as he continues to make moves.

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