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Hard Work and Perseverance: How Jordan Nancarrow Builds A Name

Hard Work and Perseverance: How Jordan Nancarrow Builds A Name

It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to become successful with many struggles and obstacles on the way. Jordan Nancarrow is an example of what it takes to become successful in building a name.

Jordan Nancarrow is an actor that was born and raised in Kent, Washington who is pursuing a career in film & television. Doing feature films and commercials starring in the known Amazon Alexa commercials, and T-Mobile. Nancarrow is also very recognized for his latest commercial for Subaru and most known for the commercial and face of Seattle’s Gameworks Arcade.

Being well known for his presence on camera, Nancarrow has had many opportunities to be a public and motivational speaker for Microsoft in London and Florida.

The biggest advice that Nancarrow gave is to start in your region and start small. It’s not always about moving to Los Angeles and instantly becoming a star. He states, “build your reputation out where you’re from; that way, when you do move to the big city – someone will have a gist of who you are.”

You can’t always expect to take the easy way without facing obstacles along the way. Jordan Nancarrow believes that “as long as you stay true to yourself and trust the process – life will treat you with the unexpected.”

Nancarrow also believes that being an actor gives him the emotional freedom. As an actor, he can let go of all his emotions and truly be himself on the camera. Not many other jobs give you that opportunity.

Ultimately, we asked Nancarrow to name an actor that he looks up to, and he responded with Keanu Reeves. Nancarrow states that “If you read about his story, he is just a normal guy – he may have a higher status, but he doesn’t think he’s better than anyone else. He’s humble, as I play out to be and intend to be.”

Jordan Nancarrow continues to work hard to become well known in the film industry. To stay connected with Nancarrow, check out his Instagram account, @Jaynancarrow.

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