George Morales – San Fernando Valley Filmmaker

George Morales – San Fernando Valley Filmmaker

We came across George Morales through YouTube, as we watched YouTube star Steven Fernandez’s funny skit and prank videos, I thought to my self who is behind the the camera, filming all of these crazy antics. As we searched in the description there it was, “FILMED BY: GEORGE MORALES”. There wasn’t much information other than an Instagram page. We decided to click the link and give him a follow, as I browsed his Instagram feed he had tons of skate related content, but not much of him self, we also noticed he hasn’t been actively posting in about 3 years. I decided to test my luck and send him a direct message, and boom instantly he responded.

I proceeded to introduce my self and we started to chat about our careers, I though I’d find out more about the filmmaker behind some of YouTube’s most controversial influencer’s “Baby Scumbag”. So George has been filming skateboarding for over 10 years still very active in the filming scene, I learned that his stared to film with the infamous YouTube star back in 2011-2012. He told me that the two met at a local skate park and hit it off. They started filming videos for Fernandez channel, as well as his sponsorship “Dirty Ghetto Kids” which is an American skateboard company.

Morales told me about a year into filming with Fernandez, things started to just grow and become bigger than they could imagine. I asked him about the filming process and who came up with the video. Morales stated “The filming process was a lot of trial and error, we would literally brainstorm for hours in Steven’s aunts house, it would be me and his cousin Jose,(Who was also Steven’s manager) we would just bounce ideas back and fourth until we had something solid”. He told me that once they had their initial plan, they would look for people they can feature in their videos, and ask for collaborations through Instagram or Twitter. During that time Morales grew his Instagram following to about 10k and Fernandez’ to about 100k, so the collaboration were fairly easy to get.

To me it is so amazing how social media platforms can be such a great impact to someones career.  Well through all of this I asked Morales what was the reason for not posting in so long.  Morales stated “I don’t know, to be honest during that time I needed a break from posting, I was and still am heavily active commenting and liking posts, but posting I just felt I needed a break, my brain was just empty”.  But he tells us, that now is the time to be heavily involved with Instagram again, he says he is just working on getting a whole new filming setup to really start promoting him self again as a independent filmmaker in not only skateboarding but all genres of cinematography.

There are so many people like George Morales the guy behind the camera, and as the guy behind the article, I think it’s time that many more people like George continue to get the credit they deserve.  After getting to know him I am myself a fan and will be looking out for more future projects.  To keep up with George Morales and to view the work he did with “Baby Scumbag” follow his Instagram feed link down below, or watch there YouTube videos and again it was definitely a pleasure to get to know the man behind the camera, of what were some of YouTube’s funniest videos in a great era.



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