Making a Full Time Entrepreneur as a Freelancer – Alexandra Fasulo

Making a Full Time Entrepreneur as a Freelancer – Alexandra Fasulo

Freelancing is a very scary and risky business. It is very fulfilling to be your own boss and make a living doing what you love but due to the lack of security, many do not do it. Alexandra Fasulo moved to New York in late 2015  and after a month of working at her public relations job she decided to quit and never look back. 

The fact that she had no job quickly sunk in and she scrambled to find a new source of income. She had started a Fiverr account before to earn some extra cash on the side but it suddenly became her main source of income. She decided to post nine new services for five dollars each and it came as a shock once she woke up and saw the immense amount of orders. They were coming in at seven, eight or nine each and by the end of her first day she had made $100. She was ecstatic by her success and could hardly contain her happiness. She was not used to success at this magnitude and was almost not able to fulfil all of the many orders at first but soon enough she got the hang of it. By the end of her first year in 2017 she had made $33,000 and could not have imagined what was next. In 2018 with the launch of Fiverr pro, a top tier section of Fiverr where elite customers could find high end freelancers, Alexandra’s rates were much higher and by the end of 2018 she had made an impressive $81,000 but she did not stop there. She continued with her high end clientele, writing for political figures and even a member of the British royal family as well as creating website content. All this hard work and dedication launched her into the six figure range and by mid 2020 she has already earned $151,0000. 

Alexandra is not used to having this type of income and really had no idea what to do with the money but one of her proudest purchases was moving from her beat up apartment to her dream apartment in Brooklyn Heights. She now appreciates the small luxuries like a working elevator and sunlight in her apartment. Despite how big and successful she gets she is always amazed at how she was able to create such large success and thankful to Fiverr for giving her the ability to live beyond her wildest dreams. She remains a sort of unofficial advocate for Fiverr by promoting it to her 31 thousand followers via her Instagram page. She gives tips and tricks on how to become a successful freelancer just as she did.

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