Having a chit chat with a fearless Business man – Amer Safaee

Having a chit chat with a fearless Business man – Amer Safaee

So today we were honored to meet and have a conversation with the famous, kind hearted and fearless business man, Amer Safaee. He is globally known for his risk taking potential and taking over the world in the business.  Born in a poor family, Amer Safaee succeeded to defeat bad days, how? He has a lot to tell us about his life and struggles he experienced alone to reach here. Let us know more about him in this very article right here. 

Tell people something about your family and academic life: 

“I was born in Daikundi, Afghanistan in 1980. I did graduation in IT and technology & finished my Master’s program in MBA. I’m a big fashion freak and occasionally reside in Dubai, London & Istanbul. Recently I have invested in Beauty sector and Fashion as “ZAZZ” company in five different countries. I love travelling and have no kids as unmarried by status. You will know lot more surely.” 

“You stand at the first place in business world, what was the key”?

“Well, business has always been my passion and was into my blood. Risking the decisions and investing fearlessly into it was my craze that was never supposed to end. And so did happen. I believe to logical risk in business. You can say I am a person with zero fears in business investment. I have never thought twice when it comes to risking in business. Risk, that’s the key to excelling in business. If you want t reach on the top, you have to constantly risk what you have when you are on your journey towards it.”

         Not only this, he also  added : “Business success does not come easy and fast, every kind of days are supposed to be seen and experienced, all you have to do alone. Even I wasn’t born into this lavish lifestyle. I was born into a poor family at Afghanistan, with the passage of time and some exceptional continuous hard work, I reached here. I believe you need to study about business you want to start, but never get scared of the risks.”

“How do you prefer working hard in business”?

When asked about the hard work, Amer Safaee stated very motivational statement,: “I believe in hard work but not hand work” instead of putting my body into struggle, I prefer to work with my brain and its power of creativity. I prefer to utilize my true potential that exists inside my thoughts and my imagination. Success does not follow as you are born. It is earned, through many failures and breakdowns. One thing, “I never give up from failures”. 

 This was whole lot of inspiring and motivating. 

“You were broken bad many times, but you never gave up. How”?

“Yeah, life hasn’t been always fair to me. I lost two times all of my things in my life, but it was only those two days that I was down and sad. After that, I stood up again on my very feet and used the failure as a new stage of gateways and new opportunities. Including many other obstacles, the bad conditions in the Middle East market were one of the majors of it. I then told all of them to overcome as I either did not give up. I just tried to find the solution.” 

What’s that one thing you always preferred to maintain during business”?

As we asked Amer Safaee this question, he left us all speechless with his most humble statement. It was, “If you want to become a businessman, I believe that your business should not hurt or damage people, this is how God will give more and more fuel to your success engine. New ways will be opened and success will follow you as you wanted it to.”  

“We have also been hearing about your IT company, tell us more about it”:

“Well I started an IT company same with the University as “Bama Security” in Afghanistan. Also it is “Comptra.net”. It is a multi-national company that I found in 2006. The company has been holding substantial professionalism background in safeguarding digital contents and providing security for thousands of homes and enterprises throughout a dynamic and educated team. The company is covering South Africa & Greece in Middles East since 2005. It was al possible here because of having experience or working with EMC, Fortinet, Sophos among many.”

So what was your vision behind the company and what are your future targets?

“Oh now you’ve asked the right thing away from me. My vision behind the company was to provide all the requirements of one project, regarding both, software and hardware. These might be defined as a whole sometimes. We deal in wide range of products with a long list of satisfied customers and users worldwide. Here all thanks to Bama Security deals. They deal in literally best brands in UTMS, data storage and End points”.

Any Future Goals?

Amer Safaee replied: “Ok when it comes to my company, I believe in full usage of technology in most of the business. My company is running in Tajikistan, Turkey, U.A.E,U.K and Germany and my target for 2025 is having my company opened in 50 different countries. I was always interested in investing into some new idea and something will always be coming when you’d ask about my future goals.”  

So we heard you are a person with love for a lot of different things? What are they?

“Yes that’s right.  I actually love so many things, Fashion is one of them. Horse riding & luxury cars are have always been favorite; in Fashion I love Dior & LV so much. I literally am in love with animals. Whenever I’m stressed out, I love to have long walks or sometimes surfing through fun videos on social media. I also love fine dining and healthy food and sometimes traditional food which is not healthy at all, Ha-ha!!  

How people should contact you if they want to ? 

“Amm, I use some of social media platforms so if they want to approach me, they can use my official website. I also use Instagram so follow me there to keep up with the recent posts as I often share my stuff there”. 

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