Helping add value into people’s lives, make way for Danielle Gronich and Kayleigh Christina’s CLEARSTEM Skincare line

Helping add value into people’s lives, make way for Danielle Gronich and Kayleigh Christina’s CLEARSTEM Skincare line

It is the first anti-acne line with zero toxins, making for a clean brand that helps people clear out their acne, giving them clear skin.

Astounding are all those success stories that have grown from the ground up from the relentless efforts and hard work of driven and determined professionals and entrepreneurs. These professionals make sure to create products/services that have meaning and can add value to people’s lives. We came across one such fastest-growing skincare company that specializes in getting people rid of acne. We are talking about CLEARSTEM Skincare, founded by Danielle Gronich and Kayleigh Christina. What has made CLEARSTEM so distinctive from the rest is its unique approach that focuses not only on making products but also on education around holistic skin health and whole-body wellness.

CLEARSTEM Skincare was founded by Danielle Gronich (, the CEO and Formulator of the brand, also popularly known as The Acne Guru™ and the founder of The San Diego Acne Clinic, and Kayleigh Christina, a published author, a holistic nutritionist and co-host of podcasts named “Balancing Your Hustle” and The Podcast Connector Podcast. Danielle always struggled with acne and couldn’t find a reliable solution, including her three failed Accutane rounds in 10 years. This turned her toward doing her clinical research and becoming a clinical aesthetician and acne specialist, which resulted in her clinic. Today, it is known for a 98% success rate in getting people clear, including celebrities and prominent names.

Kayleigh (@kayleigh.christina) met Danielle for her own acne issues, which she suffered from in her mid-twenties, and after gaining the results she sought from Danielle’s clinic, she knew her next course of action. For their passion for helping acne sufferers, both of them joined hands to build CLEARSTEM Skincare with products that have zero toxins and zero hormone disruptors.

Danielle and Kayleigh mention how it is in the DNA of CLEARSTEM to provide education first and products second. They love sharing their knowledge with others and also focus on holistic skin health and whole-body wellness. They have built an extensive skincare learning center and acne protocol for their consumers, providing them with the information they do not gain in a traditional dermatologist’s office, like gut & hormone health, digestion, nutrition, products, etc. This is one of the prime reasons that has helped the brand make a unique name among its contemporaries in the industry.

In the anti-aging + anti-acne + non-toxic category, CLEARSTEM (@clearstemskincare) has become a clear success story, which has even won several prestigious beauty and innovation awards while also being featured on many well-known media outlets like Forbes, Entrepreneur and many others.

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