Here’s all you need to know about rising rapper KenVince

Here’s all you need to know about rising rapper KenVince

Born on the 17th of December, 1993, KenVince is a multi-talented musician hailing from Detroit, Michigan. Growing up, music was one of the few hobbies that struck out and kept KenVince’s attention over the years. KenVince was the oldest of three siblings and knew that a booming career in the music industry would be just the incentive needed to push his siblings in the right direction and give them the standard of a life they deserved. However, along the way, it is not just his family but also several fans and other youngsters that KenVince has motivated with his determination and dedication to the art.

KenVince began his journey pretty early when he was just 13 and already found himself participating in open mic poetry slams. One of the biggest highlights of KenVince’s professional career was his employment at Royal Caribbean International Cruise line as a sound technician. It was during this time that KenVince found both the financial means, as well as the time to create a few of his own tracks and he even came out with his first album. Over the past six years since then, it has been a difficult journey with KenVince having to face homelessness as well. Yet today, KenVince is one of the top musicians hailing from Detroit Michigan, and is known for his skills as a self-made composer and rapper. To further supplement his income KenVince is currently employed as a salesman at a car dealership. Not one to deny the truth that being an artist is often not a well-paying job, job KenVince is someone who has taken this opportunity to maintain a proper work-life division and avoid having a burnout from having to constantly create.

Although several artists have entered the music industry just for some quick fame and wealth, KenVince is definitely someone who is in it for the long run. “There are several talented people in the music and entertainment industry occupying a variety of roles. Whether they are a recording artist, director, cinematographer, or producer there is no reason to hate on anyone and I consider it a blessing to be in close contact with so many genuinely interesting personalities”, KenVince adds.

To know more about KenVince and keep up with him on his musical journey follow him on his social media profiles linked below:

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/kenusmile4me

Twitter- https://twitter.com/KenUtweet

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/KenVincee/videos

You can also stream his music on Spotify:

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