Zaeny comes out with ‘So Fine’ and it’s Becoming a TikTok Sensation

Zaeny comes out with ‘So Fine’ and it’s Becoming a TikTok Sensation

It hasn’t even been over two weeks since Zaeny released ‘So Fine’ and it has already reached over a MILLION people on Tik Tok.

Zaeny is a 23 year-old Canadian pop singer who has built hype around his name through successful pop covers and fans noticing his creative talents. He had just released his debut single ‘So Fine’ on February 1st and it has already started popping off. Influencers with over 7 MILLION followers have made videos using his first song ‘So Fine’ reaching over a million people within the first week of the song’s release.

The style of art that Zaeny wrote this song with really expresses a chill pop mood with emotional drops. The way the Canadian artist Zaeny recorded his single in the studio with Adil C (Canadian Pop Singer/Songwriter) was done incredibly well. From the lyrics, vocal performance, and production.. we can see why fans have the song stuck on repeat.

‘So Fine’ has great potential to be a song that blows up on Tik Tok. We’re even seeing fans make their own little Tik Tok videos to Zaeny’s song. We can’t wait to see where ‘So Fine’ will take Zaeny within his music career.

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