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History and Current Innovations of Sound Therapy

History and Current Innovations of Sound Therapy

The history of music revolves around various cultural and religious values, a complete healing mechanism known as sound therapy. Along with all the cultural bounds (Tibetan Lama, Islamic, Nomadic Shaman, Christian, African, Jewish Priest, Hindu, musician),the sound has evolved as a significant catalyst in human life. Mantras and Chant have a positive impact on the listener. In past times, these sounds were used to reduce increased consciousness. These sound healing frequencies are natural therapy for different individuals suffering from various mental issues.

 Utilization of sound as a healer was an old process when drums and shamans were chanted to heal individuals. In ancient times, various schools of India, Greece, and Egypt taught the subject of music healing and sound therapy as it was fundamental scientific knowledge. Let us have a look at the history of such mechanisms that were used in ancient times.

History of Sound Therapy

The use of sound therapy started was the most used process in different ancient cultures. Though the use of sound therapy was utterly removed from western culture in 1930, different researches highlighted the medical attributes of sound on human health. Nowadays, this art is growing day by day, as scientific facts of sound healing are quite authentic.

One of the oldest cultures that used this procedure was Aboriginal people who belonged to Australia. They used didgeridoo as a tool for healing, and this tool has been used for almost 40,000 years. Aborigines used to heal muscle tears, broken bones and different types of diseases by using enigmatic instruments. However, it is quite clear that all the sound that was used in ancient times were purely according to scientific principles.

Rattles and Drums are well-known musical instruments in Babylonian and Egyptian culture. Drums generate low-frequency sound; however, the frequency of Rattles is high. Their combined frequency accelerates the process of healing. One of the oldest sounds in Egyptian history is Vowel sound that was written by Demetrius (2000), who was a Greek traveller and introduced new sound healing frequencies.

Pythagoras (500 BC) was the first person who used music as a medicine. Two of his instruments included lyre and flute that were utilized in the healing procedure. Moreover, he was the first person to understand the sound intervals of a monochord.

Vibrational Energy Therapy

 Frequency medicine is also known as vibrational energy therapy, as it utilizes vibrational energy. The vibrational therapy is a complete body therapy because it heals the person physically and mentally as well. If different parts of a person are unbalanced, the required frequencies can heal the person. It is a transformation of energy from one form to another, and in the process of vibrational therapy, sound energy relieves a person. The energy equation of Einstein (E=mc2) is the scientific proofof the vibrational energyand therapy associated with it. Vibrational energy therapy is based on the resonance of energy.

Though a robust physical body requires enough diet, sleep, and exercise, however, yoga and meditation are also essential elements for a healthy mind. It can be linked with the spirituality that depends on religious values. Some of the well-known vibrational therapies are given below:

  • Homeopathy
  • Acupuncture
  • Radionics
  • Yoga
  • Prayer
  • Laser
  • Reiki
  • Royal Rife frequencies
  • Spiritual wellness practice
  • Meridian energy therapies
  • Gem elixirs
  • Light therapy

The vibrational therapy practices can enhance intention and awareness. One can apply one of the practices that are given above for better mental health. Better mental health leads to enhanced physical health, and that is why it is essential to have excellent mental health.

Digital Drugs

Digitals drugs have a precise name of binaural beats. Binaural beats are those sounds that directly impact wave patterns of the brain. It has a similar effect on the drugs that alter the level of consciousness. Binaural beats consist of two tones that have different frequencies when played together. This difference in the two frequencies impacts the brain waves, and the slight difference will be noted. However, with the headphones, the difference in the two frequencies can be identified. For the listener, this rhythmic beat impact positively on the brain waves.

The brain processes rhythmic stimulus as electrical pulses. The primary purpose of the digital drug is to control electrical pulses that are synchronized with the brain of the listener. This synchronization is known as the Frequency Following Response (FFF) as it is only achieved by selecting specific binaural tones. FFF is linked with an updated concept that is known as Entrainment. Both of them provide different types of meditation and bio-feedback.

There are several types of digital drugs that are linked with the sound healing/ sound therapy concept. Some of those techniques are known as solfeggio frequency therapy and i-dosing, where ‘i’ denotes for the internet. One can easily search and download binaural beats on the search engine as these are commonly available on the internet.

There isa range of frequencies in digital drugs. The difference betweenthe two tones defines the type of heal. Digital drugs typically revolve around 130 and 150 Hz; however, their differences are the real key. Waves in digital drugs are categorized into different frequency ranges that are given below:

Name of the Wave Frequency Difference Range State of Mind
Delta 0.5-4 Hertz Deep Sleep
Theta 4-8 Hertz Drowsiness
Alpha 8-14 Hertz Relaxed
Beta 14-30 Hertz Focused

Sound Healing Frequencies

            Sound healing is all about some specific genre of music. That is why few frequencies are very crucial for this purpose as the science proves also support them. Sound is a vibration that activates various brain neurons. When the vibrational energy of sound is synchronized with the waves generates by the brain, it relaxes the brain and various components present in it.

One of the most common sound healing frequencies is that Solfeggio frequency is ancient sound therapy. It has six tones that have specific usage. Every Solfeggio tone consists of a range of frequencies that are used to balance the energy level of the body. Here are the six Solfeggio frequencies:

  • 396-hertz frequency reduces fear and liberates guilt
  • 417-hertz frequency deflates the impact of sudden alterations
  • 528-hertz frequency recovers from miracles and transformations
  • 639-hertz frequency is suitable for building healthy relationships
  • 741-hertz frequency helps in making better decisions and finding a solution
  • 852-hertz frequency aids in spiritual orders

The above-given frequencies are the most common Solfeggio frequencies. These frequencies can heal a person suffering from problems that are stated above. The complete list of frequencies and their impact are given below:

Serial No. Frequency (Hz) Purpose of Frequency
1 174 Hz Centering
2 285 Hz Creativity
3 396 Hz Liberation
4 417 Hz Transformation
5 528 Hz Passion and Love
6 639 Hz Spiritual/ Religious Empowerment
7 741 Hz Producing sacred space
8 852 Hz Awareness
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