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How Brave really works? – Brave Browser

How Brave really works? – Brave Browser

You all must have heard about the Brave Browser which has claimed the big things like ad-trackers blockage, basic attention tokens (BAT) and 6x speeds but one thing that must have stroked your mind is “Is this even possible?” Well, after several surveys and research on the user’s satisfaction level we have deduced that Brave really fulfills its promises and provides what it claims to offer.

Still, out of curiosity, all the brave fans must have wondered how brave makes it possible. We all are very well aware of the fact that brave is an open-source browser that comes with a built-in ad-tracker-blocker. There is no need to digging in the settings of the brave browser windows for blocking those irksome ads as the built-in ad blocker takes over the arena right after the installation. Blocking those high-data consuming and annoying ads will make your browser to work 6 times faster, thus you end up getting that impeccable speed ensured by Brave.

Apart from all these features for the users, Brave also claims to provide 55% more support to the website publishers. Any user, by just viewing the website can easily make website publishers earn money. The question “how” will not remain unanswerable now as,

The brave software automatically keeps a record of the time that you are spending on a specific website. According to the number of ads viewed by you after enabling advertisement options or by redeeming those random token grants of worth 25-40 BAT, you will earn some basic attention tokens (BAT). You can also buy this cryptocurrency BAT with your own money. These basic attention tokens (BAT) are collected in your wallet which will help to support the web publishers.

Brave will then easily divide these tokens based on the time spent on those websites or YouTube channels and will pay to them.

This sums up that there is no need of making those small contributions for the support of web publishers as brave has figured all that out for you. Just earn some BAT in your wallet by loading money or redeeming tokens and brave will take care of else in a just way. You can also manually “tip” your favorite website or YouTube channel.

On the other hand, if you are interested in benefiting from the brave browser as a website publisher then you can easily follow these following steps

Register your website or YouTube channel as a publisher.

If people are surfing your website or watching videos from YouTube channels using a brave browser then brave will send you the cryptocurrency basic appreciation tokens (BAT) in the process called upholding.

Create an uphold account to redeem those appreciation tokens.

The creation of these uphold accounts is a little bit exhausting as you have to fill out a lot of forms providing your sensitive information. What are you for waiting now as you are only one download brave browser away from earning a great amount of money by just following the simple steps mentioned above? Support the web publishers and get that perfecto security in no time.

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