How did Mojtaba Tabdar started his Music career? Why is he helping the younger generation?

<strong>How did Mojtaba Tabdar started his Music career? Why is he helping the younger generation? </strong><strong></strong>

How Story Begins …

Mojtaba Tabdar was born on, November 30, 1989, in Iran. His given name is Mojtaba Tabdar, and friends just call him Tabdar.. You can learn more interesting insights about his personal life!

Iranian music singer who is known for songs like “Kashka Tom Nadida”, “Del To Koja Rah”

He started his musical career at early ages and by turning 16 he was singing at local wedding ceremonies in hormozgan provinence and islands in persian gulf, which led him to be one of the most popular artists of the region. Due to high popularity he could not perform at local venue due to lack of security from fans coming for taking pictures!

In 2021 he started his international music campaign by his famous song named “Leily & Majnoon” which was #1 on PMC charts for 5 weeks in a row. His second release “Khoda Nakonad” also realached #1 on PMC (Persian Music Channel) Chart!

Why Helping The New Generation…

During pandemic in 2020 everything got shutdown for music artists and they have been among industries which got hit the worst.

alot of artists turn to social media for live music performances to keep the connection with their fans. Mojtaba tabdar was not only using Instagram to make live performances , he was also engaging with his fans one on one on Instagram live and singing with them.

During one of the live performances he met an 11 year old fan name MOEID, who reminded him of his on childhood. Later he became friends with him and his family, and now he is MOEID’s godfather.

The first collabotation of mojtaba Tabdar & Moeid was Banamak Single. The music video of this track was directed by one of the most known directors of the region “Milad Angize”, and immediately became a classic and of Mojtaba Tabdar’s best creation till today.

After this collaboration, Moeid gained more than 80k followers on Instagram and was able to start his own solo music career just at the age of 11 with the help of Mojtaba Tabdar.

You can follow up mojtaba tabdar’s story on his official Instagram account @mojtabatabdar

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