How Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar became one of the UK’s most followed Doctors on Instagram

How Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar became one of the UK’s most followed Doctors on Instagram

Dr. Ahmed has certainly built an impressive following on Instagram since he started on the platform in 2018. Now, he says Instagram has really taken over his practice in terms of marketing, outreach and booking. Now he reveals to us how he built a loyal following and gives advice for those looking to follow in his footsteps.

When did you start your Instagram Page?

In November 2018! It has dramatically grown since then.

When did you see your followers start to grow? Was there a particular moment or was it gradual?

It was quite slow at the beginning, after getting to 10k many influencers and celebrities shared my work and since then I am contacted every day! Now we are almost at 80k!

How has Instagram affected your practice?

It has really been a huge influencer and part of my practice which has propelled me and my work to an enormous amount of exposure.

What percentage of your clients see you because they found you on Instagram?

I want to say 80%. Obviously, you can see who likes and who shares your work. Some of my work is shared over 1000 times. Word of mouth!

Which celebrities have you worked with?

Many worldwide. Hofit Golan, Maja Malnar, Sophia Hadjipantelli, many Victoria Secrets models and a huge amount of clients flying in preparing for BAFTAS, Oscars and Globe Awards.

What kind of posts do you followers like to see?

It is the content and as long as the content is authentic. I aim to improve and inject positivity to all my followers. My followers are here to see quality work and to be sure of who they are working with always!

What advice would you give to a cosmetic doctor looking to grow their following on Instagram?

Get into it for the right reasons! People are here for the fame which is wrong. It is about putting patients at the centre of your decisions. Always being your authentic self too!

You can follow Dr. Ahmed on Instagram @Drahmedaesthetics

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