How One Entrepreneur Decimated Odds That Would Eliminate Almost Anyone

How One Entrepreneur Decimated Odds That Would Eliminate Almost Anyone

No matter where you’ve been or what you’ve been through, you can overcome. 

Check out what Austin Walker, Airbnb real estate mogul, has to say: “I had a game to play everyday and I became addicted to it. Within a year I had 12 apartments and was making over $20,000 a month in profit.”

Most people can’t make a claim like this, especially when they’ve been through prison before.

Austin Walker has rapidly built an array of Airbnb rental homes that have dramatically changed his life, and he’s just getting started. Thus far, Austin has steadily built a collection of over 150 Airbnb’s worldwide.

“I just needed a space that I could win in and I happened upon Airbnb,” explains Austin. “I just trusted my vision and knew that my formula could work if I just pushed through.” 

The world is filled with people who drop away at the first sign of adversity. Austin Walker utilized adversity as fuel to persevere in building his dream. He’s faced difficult relationships with business partners, difficulties with leasing agreements, and, not to mention, has endured prison, something that would cause most people to give up on their dreams, not push forward to building an empire of 150 Airbnb’s.

His advice to entrepreneurs just getting started?

“Find something where you’re not having to trade time for money. There are only so many hours of the day and only so many hours you can spend working. Even if you’re making $50 an hour, ask yourself if $400 a day is good enough for you. If your answer is “yes,” then business isn’t for you, working for someone is. But if your answer is “no,” then you’ll really going to have to start thinking outside of the box.”

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