How to be a charismatic manager? The words of Farhad Fakhraei, the investor of the Iranian citizen

How to be a charismatic manager? The words of Farhad Fakhraei, the investor of the Iranian citizen

. Charismatic leaders are confident:

They have full confidence in their ability and judgment.

. Attractive managers have different views:

They have an idealistic goal that manifests the future better than the present. As much as between the ideal goals and the status quo; The greater the difference; Charisma followers are more likely to; Give it a fantastic view; Attribute a charismatic leader.

. Power of speech:

They can express their views in a way that is understandable to followers; To express. This power of expression is such that it encompasses the needs of the followers. Hence, it has a high motivational force.

. Strong belief in the goal

Charismatic leaders believe in their vision and purpose and are willing to take heavy risks. They spend a lot of money in order to fulfill their wishes; They do not withhold any need and self-sacrifice.

. Characteristics of Charismatic Leaders – Extraordinary Behavior of Managers:

They have a special charm and behavior; A new phenomenon; They present unconventional and contrary to common norms, and because they succeed in their work; These behaviors are admirable; Praise and prejudice of the followers.

. Charisma leaders bring change:

Charismatic leaders make fundamental changes in the current state of their society. They are the leaders and they study and analyze and decide on various issues and the day of the world. Great leaders will never lag behind the great flood of world change.

. Knowledge of the environment:

These leaders can realistically set environmental constraints and identify the resources needed to bring about change.

For successful managers, it starts with the first letter

It is always the beginning of the most important part of the story; If we can have a strong start; We will definitely win.

A charismatic person; He knows well where to start and what effect it will have on his audience in the first place. Let’s start with a deep and magical smile. Indicate to our audience that our dialogue is very important to us today and that we are wholehearted; We are waiting to hear his answers and comments. After a deep smile; Let’s go to him a little and shake hands with our audience today and remind him of the importance of this meeting.

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