Ye Jaan Tere Naam Hai by Ashrul Hussain perfectly encapsulates the kind of love story the world needs

Ye Jaan Tere Naam Hai by Ashrul Hussain perfectly encapsulates the kind of love story the world needs

The song Ye Jaan Tere Naam Hai shows the beautiful feelings of love and how two people who have planted it in each other are bound to also find solace and comfort along with love. The videotape shows how the couple gets through several difficulties of life just by having the support of their mate along with them. The picturization of the conception has been done beautifully by Ashrul Hussain and Unika Ray D and also stars Pravin Singh. It’s no wonder that Nadeem Ansari is also on the platoon as cast and crew for videotape products, considering he’s the first videotape director that Ashrul Hussain worked with after his debut as an actor. We shouldn’t forget to mention songster Annkur R Pathakk and lyrist Navdeep Panchal Shubh who are the main bents behind Ye Jaan Tere Naam Hai. Navdeep is also responsible for the composition of the air and has formerly again proven his bents as an all-rounder in the music and entertainment assiduity.

Ye Jaan Tere Naam Hai has formerly garnered over 399K views on its sanctioned YouTube release and has overhead of6.2 K likes. It’s a song made by IDOL Music records which is a product marker lately innovated by Ashrul Hussain. Although Ashrul Hussain has made quite a name for himself as an actor and has also appeared in the song Tera Naal Preet Laga Li, in collaboration with Zee music-it’s relatively delicate for any recently launched recording marker to know the sways and outs of the assiduity as is easily indicated by the success of Ye Jaan Tere Naam Hai. The secret behind its phenomenal event and appreciation by the followership lies in superior creation and advertising done by Deevs Mp3.

Deevs Mp3 is an artist operation and marketing agency that’s serving as a backbone for several youthful and hopeful vocalizers, actors, influencers, and other rising celebrities to fulfill their dreams of gaining popularity on the big screen. Under Deevs Mp3, author and artist Divyam Agarwal has also worked with several big names in the entertainment assiduity. His relationship with Ashrul Hussain stands as evidence to the below fact.

Be sure to hear Ye Jaan Tere Naam on YouTube- https//youtu.be/ gpuhXqFzGcE

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