Who is Michele Zanello? “Not Ordinary Canvas”, “Dust 1”, “Dust 2” trendy music

Who is Michele Zanello? “Not Ordinary Canvas”, “Dust 1”, “Dust 2” trendy music

Who is Michele Zanello?

Michele Zanello was born in 1995 in Latisana (UD) on February 26th and is a niche artist in the pop / house world, but not only, he also manages other artists with his Midnight Milano project.

What is Midnight Milano?

Midnight Milano is a multi-service agency that follows the artist / public figure for all his needs from the increase of authority, to social and musical promotion to the connection with other artists and music labels. He has also followed and still follows the communication of various nightclubs and companies to improve and increase their image on social media.

What songs have you released in this last period?

Michele has released a new album, entitled “Not Ordinary Canvas”, through the AR.MS Empire label with music such as: BLUE Moon, GRAY Goose, YELLOW Pillow, VIOLET Sky, RED Dream, PURPLE Water.
Some of his notable singles are Dust 1 and Dust 2.

Why are Dust 1 and Dust 2 important to Michele?

Thanks to the collaborations that has been created with the KS Digital Force agency and its music released under the label: AR.MS Empire has managed to have a springboard in the music market thus becoming an established face on social media has many fans just see on his instagram profile he has over 40,000 followers and also his Facebook profile which is a reference point for many fellow artists in his sector.

Private life of Zanello?

Currently no relevant details of his private life are known as he is keen to distinguish his private life from the public one and for this reason any important event uses social media to communicate him directly.



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