How to become an actor from Kavian Lazar

How to become an actor from Kavian Lazar

The first step in being an actor is learning how to tell a story. “Acting is basically storytelling.” This can be a great start to becoming an actor if you can impress your family and friends by telling the story.

One mistake many novices make is to think that in acting everything is about the actor. This is not the case .. everything is about the story. No matter how good an actor you are, but you can not convey your story well or you do not have a good story at all, it will be ineffective. Be ready for your acting test and several pieces ( Etude) be prepared. Pay attention to what you are asked to do and practice enough to have a good show.

Respect the person who is testing you, even if he or she does not respect you. When you have finished the test session, answer any questions you may have and then say thank you and leave. Do not be tempted to talk about trivial matters or your life or tell them what you liked or that your aunt worked in the theater when she was younger.

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