A Candid Conversation with Talented Musician Majid Razavi

A Candid Conversation with Talented Musician Majid Razavi

Persian music and language are very ancient and valuable, and I have always tried to preserve this heritage by making the best music.

Pop music is a style of popular music and is usually contrasted with and distinct from classical and folk music. However, artists in this genre can also work in rock, hip-hop, dance, rhythm, and blues (R&B), and country, which makes it a flexible style. The term “pop music” can also refer to a specific sub-genre (within pop), such as soft rock and pop rock.

Since when did you think you could work as a singer?

This has been a serious issue for me since I was a child. This dream has always been with me in my childhood dreams and thoughts. When I entered the university, I sang pieces by different singers. I was also very interested in singing in the field of Latin music, and because my English was at a good level, I also sang Latin pieces and recorded them very seriously.

Did you think you would reach this position one day?

This position has always been my dream, and naturally, man thinks about his dreams. I am grateful to my fans for appreciating my work. I would not be here today without them. I chased my dreams and never gave up. I always encourage others to do the same.

A final word?

Some in cyberspace insult, criticize, and ridicule. These are cowards. Every artist tries his best to win the hearts of the people and give his life. The artist may sometimes get upset about these issues and get hurt. These behaviours are not right. You must ignore the naysayers and work on your goals.

Majid Razavi has been making waves in the music world with a string of hit songs. He is currently dominating streaming platforms like Spotify and Amazon Music.

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