How to Become Popular on Instagram Like Daunte Winterz

How to Become Popular on Instagram Like Daunte Winterz

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks on the planet, with more than 220 million monthly active members sharing 60 million photos. Instagram is no longer just the app for children; it has become a real marketing tool. This platform creates content allowing many brands and individuals to communicate their website at a lower cost.

Awesome, isn’t it?

Have a great Instagram profile

Create a profile like Daunte Winterz. You need to add an aesthetic profile photo of yourself (or your brand) and write a clear bio explaining who you are and what you do. You must fill your instagram profile as much as possible! If you have a website, then don’t hesitate to put it first because some people may be very interested in your product or service.

Having an effective content strategy

Promoting an Instagram profile with unoriginal (or even poor quality) content is a waste of time. The techniques listed below can bring people to your profile. But without interesting content, they’ll take a quick peek and be gone forever. So have an adequate content strategy in place. We have a full article dedicated on the subject.

There are tips to have more quality content:

You must have visuals on Instagram that match your image, be consistent with your brand (the same filters) Avoid images with texts because they engage less Internet users. Take the time to do some A / B testing to find out what type of content works best for your audience

Promote your own hash tag

It’s fine to create a hash tag for your business, but are you sure people are using it to share content about you? The first step is to make sure that your personalized hash tag is present in your profile. Then you have to think outside of social media, “Think outside the box” as the Anglo-Saxons say.

Do a job of likes

Make a list of popular accounts and influencers in your field. Take a look at their community and start liking 50-70 images for each account. For example, let’s take Jeanne who is a famous influencer in your field, travel. She has around 20k followers who follow her. You have to go through the list of its subscribers and do an analysis of each of them. You can do a proper research on the instagram profile and figure out what tactics to follow to increase the follower count or you may choose the easiest way by finding out the growth services and read the best Instagram growth service reviews to understand in depth of the growth services.

Be creative with your hasstags used

Contrary to popular belief, using the most popular hasstags all the time is not necessarily the best solution. You have to think of other hasstags that are more specific and more relevant to what you are doing. First and foremost, you need to tell the story of your brand . The best solution is to be you! To show your personality, you can use different tones in your descriptions (funny, ironic tone). This work will set you apart from most other profiles on the platform.

Take care of your descriptions

We all know this proverb: a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, we must not neglect the words in your descriptions! You need to tell a story both with your photos and in your descriptions. National Geographies, for example, manages to create a story for each of its photos to generate engagement. Over time, you will find the tone and story you want to tell in your photos. You’ll see big differences in the engagement of your posts.

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