How To Talk To Any Girl And Get Her Number: Tips And Tricks

<strong>How To Talk To Any Girl And Get Her Number: Tips And Tricks</strong>

It can be very nerve racking to have the confidence to go over and strike up a conversation with a girl and get her number. \\if you re wondering the best way to approach and talk to a girl follow the below tips from Rachels Escorts London.

1.         Make Sure She’s Aware of Your Intentions

Don’t just walk up to the girl you are interested in and ask her out, out of the blues. Doing so will only scare or put her off, making it a lot harder to make a second attempt. While it may work in the movies, it certainly doesn’t in real life. That said, you need to at least make show you are into her. You don’t necessarily have to strike a conversation with her, steal a glance, get her attention, etc.

2.         Establish Eye Contact

Once she’s taken note of your existence from the crowd, you can then make the next move to show you indeed are interested but not desperate. If you were across the room with a couple of friends and stealing glances at her, don’t introduce yourself just yet; enjoy the moment while it lasts. Stealing a glance (make sure she catches you) once in a while will help make her more curious too. If she does return the favor, even if occasionally, it means she is willing and interested in taking the next step.

One thing about girls is that they’ll smile when you catch her looking at you or tell her friends about you. If they look in your direction and smile and seem happy or giggly, then this is a positive sign. However, if all they do is return a dirty stare or she doesn’t respond to your glances at all, you might have to abort the mission. Read her body language and signs before even attempting to approach her. Most cases of rejection can be avoided if one is attentive enough. You thus might want to take your time first before making a move.

3.         Avoid Pick Up Lines

Most people will use pick-up lines to get a girl’s attention or pick a conversation with her. While it may seem cocky and smart, many are times when a pick-up line will fail miserably. You can, however, avoid these blowing up in your face by using a pick-up ‘circumstances’ instead. You only need to be able to identify an opportunity and take it.

Depending on where you are, say a gallery or conference, you can start by walking up to her, then say something casual like ‘Do you know how much effort it took to make this?’. While a rhetorical question or something casual, any good person will respond positively. You could also start by asking a question relevant to her or something around her. This strategy mostly works best in different settings, such as at a bar, park, or even the office.

Be sure to keep it vague and avoid a follow-up question before she answers the first. Simply asking obvious questions might not work, a reason you want to ask something she’ll have to think of first before answering. To her, a vague question doesn’t imply you are hitting on her but also gives her a reason to want to converse with you. The intellectual part in her won’t help but force her to answer.

4.         Don’t Go in Too Hot

Although some girls might shrug the question off and look away, most of them will certainly answer and even continue with the conversation. Depending on how she answered the first question, you can follow it up with another or simply introduce yourself.   It would be best if you were careful not to ask too many (or personal) questions but rather keep it light and casual. If she, however, answers but walks away, it might not be the best time to introduce yourself or push yet.

Continuing with the conversation will help break the ice, giving you a chance to introduce yourself officially. If at the bar, for example, have a small talk and order yourself (and her) whatever she is having. At this point, you can take the leap of faith and confess your intentions. You can also confess you’ve been looking forward to talking to her all this time. While it may seem like flattery, be sincere about it. This trick almost always works on many women. The best thing with not ‘picking’ her up and starting with a casual conversation is that it keeps her wondering and interested at the same time.

5.         Make Sure She’s Comfortable (Give Her Her Space)

Ladies don’t want to feel cornered, especially when talking to a stranger. You thus should avoid approaching or talking to her in places that would be perceived weird, such as outside the ladies’ room, a dark corner or an abandoned corridor. If possible, consider talking to her with her friends around. Most girls are most comfortable if you talk to her in the presence of her friends. If she’s interested, she will excuse herself and talk to you at a safe distance, where they (the friends can see both of you).

You also need to let her know that she can walk out whenever she wants and that you aren’t forcing anything. The rule of thumb here is to keep her engaged to build a connection. However, giving her too much space might imply you aren’t decided, allowing her to walk away. Nevertheless, if you followed the four steps outlined above, she’ll by now have made up her mind and decided to either talk to you or just walk away.

But then again, this is tricky. If you give a girl too much space, you may not be able to build a connection, and she may end up walking away. But as long as you’ve got the first four steps right, she probably won’t walk away. Nothing intrigues a woman more than a confident man who knows what he wants. Have confidence in yourself.

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