Meet Mashawi Riley, taking over the world of music as a true-blue musical talent.

Meet Mashawi Riley, taking over the world of music as a true-blue musical talent.

He has thrived off of his passion and madness for music, which has brought him thus far in the industry.

It is wondrous to know about all those people who, in multiple ways, make sure to go beyond boundaries to make their mark in all that they choose to lay their hands on. Very few people have been able to do that in their chosen industries, and those who do that go ahead in becoming inspirational stories for the world to know. Doing that in the world of music can get even more challenging, but a few rare gems like Mashawi Riley have been changing the game of the industry for the better with their incredible musical skills as singers, musicians, and performers.

The Canadian artist has had a full journey of his till he reached where he is today. Mashawi Riley grew up as just another kid from the neighbourhood in Toronto, Canada, but he always had the dream to do something bigger in life. Over the years, he kept working in different niches, only to ultimately realize that his heart was held by music always. Recalling his journey, Mashawi Riley says that music was always in his blood as his family background had deep-rooted talents in music, and hence he began his journey in music as a kid in school, who performed at various concerts and talent shows. However, he wanted to explore many more things in life that oozed creativity and art. This led him onto a new expedition in life, where he entered the fashion world.

He attained massive experiences at Toronto Men’s Fashion Week as a lead visual merchandiser designer relations manager. He even showed fashion styling and visual merchandising classes at Toronto Fashion Academy. However, Mashawi Riley soon realized his true purpose in life, which again led him to the music world. In August 2018, he dropped his first single, “Did it on my own,” and since then, he has never looked back.

Mashawi Riley has come a long way ever since and given hit tracks like Sin City, Chocolate, Don’t Tell, Come Home, and many others, gaining massive streams and views across streaming platforms. The versatile talent and singer now can’t wait to attain more momentum with his upcoming tracks in the coming months.

To know more, follow him on Instagram @unicornmashawi.

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