How Yilmaz Bora is building a better food system

How Yilmaz Bora is building a better food system

Yilmaz Bora is on a mission to make the world a better place- through veganism:

Over the past few years, the world has seen a surge in the number of people who have chosen alternative diets. Many have also converted to veganism which can often be a lifestyle. Among them, one of the significant influencers and contributors to vegan society and the vegan community is Yilmaz Bora.

Bora is a London-based investor who started his company in 2020 when the number of vegans was on a spike. Originally born and brought up in Istanbul, Turkey, Yilmaz graduated from law school initially and was even taken to parents who were lawyers. One would naturally expect him to adopt a similar career line, but other plans had in terms of welfare and lifestyle. Despite the intellectual and moral conscience he had built towards becoming a lawyer, he wanted to be a successful individual who always stood by the innocent who needed protection, a voice of their own.
Who Bora is today as a successful businessman and vegan activist were born out of a simple act of kindness and dedication towards his French Bulldog named Ace. Yilmaz Bora had an immense fascination towards him and soon started indulging in activism and related events to not only fight the capitalist economy but to have a tremendous impact on it for the better. Not many people fight for the voiceless, and his goal was set to not only fight but to create substitutes to replace the amount of indulgence we have with eating meat.

At present, Yilmaz Bora is the founder and managing partner of Ace Ventures, an investment firm with an interest in funding alternative protein startups. He is also the founder and CEO of Primeval Foods, a brand vested in bringing nutritious and tasty exotic meals to the table at no expense to animals and the environment.

When asked about why he is so passionate about making veganism mainstream, Bora elaborates, “There is only one problem, the entire world is still not aware of how useful vegan activism is and how its alternatives are beneficial for society. People still consider it a fad and, thus, not worth making an effort for. We know only when we try out, and with a positive step towards living a better life, reducing toxic waste from the environment, preserving economic, natural and moral values, we can create a better world on the morals of peace and nonviolence.”

Truly, Yilmaz Bora is one of the few individuals continuously improving the world and moving towards a better tomorrow. We hope to see more from him in the future!

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