Armon Adam Adibi – Towering above all in the world of fitness.

Armon Adam Adibi – Towering above all in the world of fitness.

He has been inspiring people to adapt a fit lifestyle, having trained hundreds under him.

When we talk about the best known names who are shining bright in the world of fitness and bodybuilding, there’s no way we don’t mention Armon Adam Adibi, as he has been around the fitness space for 12 long years, having learnt the nitty-gritty’s of the industry in depth. He is well versed with the workings of fitness and bodybuilding as he has enhanced his knowledge vastly on these subjects, especially around diet and exercise. Adibi is known to be one of the finest fitness coaches we have today as he knows how different bodies work and respond, and accordingly charts out diet and exercise plans based on case to case individual basis which can help them achieve targets at a fast rate.

Adibi says that a specific diet and fitness regime doesn’t suit everyone, and we can’t generalize on this, as each body type is different, as their tolerance levels differ, so does their response to specific exercises and food, so he studies and understands different requirements before charting out a plan, and that’s the reason his training modules as well as diet programs work wonderfully on each of his clients. Furthermore, he is available 24/7 providing support whenever needed to make sure you none of his clients deviate from their goals and achieve results at the earliest.

Speaking about his foray into the world of fitness, Adibi says that he was always inclined towards being fit and delved deep into the subject to learn more about it. He was also actively involved in sports and was a part of the international soccer team in high school. Gradually, he drifted from soccer towards bodybuilding and started participating in competitions. He won his first four shows namely Lee Priest Classic, Ronnie Coleman Classic, John Sherman Classic, and the Red River Classic between the age of eighteen to twenty-one and thereafter went on to compete at a national level.

Today, apart from being a competitive bodybuilder, Adibi is a renowned fitness coach who has helped thousands gain back their confidence by improving their physical shape. “My passion for fitness and bodybuilding has pushed me to learn a lot about this industry, which has helped me design different programs, learn new techniques and keep furthering my knowledge to become one of the best known professionals in the world of fitness,” says Adibi.

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