“The superiority that we are experiencing in the digital space is second to none,” says Gaurav Manoj Singh

“The superiority that we are experiencing in the digital space is second to none,” says Gaurav Manoj Singh

Agree or not, digital media has revolutionised our lifestyle and social media is a huge part of it. While there was a time when we weren’t ready for this big platform, today our lives revolve around it. It has unlocked the doors of opportunity for a cosmic number of people. And Gaurav Manoj Singh is one of them who is known for his robust way of living.

This 23-year-old is admired for his positive mind and vibrancy. Well, it’s not wrong to say that Gaurav Manoj Singh is thriving on social media platforms, especially Instagram. Seeing the majority of people trying to boost their presence on social media, Gaurav says, “These free-of-cost available platforms have allowed people to reach millions at once.”

Gaurav Manoj Singh asserted, “Not only are individuals showing their talents and building a livelihood from them but also social media has emerged as a powerful tool of self-expression. Have you ever seen any other media channel bestowing such powers?” No, we precisely haven’t, have you? The superiority that we are experiencing in the online space is second to none.

The lifestyle influencer Gaurav Manoj Singh also explained the aforementioned words. People take to Instagram and Twitter to express their feelings about various incidents. Whether it’s criticising the authorities for their dubious decisions or appreciating individuals for their laudable work, it has always been a viable option for expressing one’s views.

“Social media has unmatched powers,” says Gaurav Manoj Singh. “This platform is the only medium through which the population can express their own, unfiltered beliefs.” Talking about the perks of being a prominent influencer in the online space, Gaurav Manoj Singh said, “I can get my opinions heard by people. I can share my outlook with the world. Today, you don’t need to be an authority or something; you just need to have an opinion.”

Hailing from Mumbai, Gaurav Manoj Singh is currently based in Poland. He is a lifestyle influencer and has encouraged several to live sprightly lives. He is also a travel enthusiast who has visited more than 15 countries and is planning to go on a trip very soon.

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