HTC Hints to the Launch of a New Smartphone and Indicates the Work of the HTC U24 Series

HTC Hints to the Launch of a New Smartphone and Indicates the Work of the HTC U24 Series

It appears like HTC is preparing to release a new smartphone in India. The Taiwanese producer, without disclosing its name or release date, hinted at the coming of a new product on Wednesday, May 15, through a social media post. Potentially, the phone under discussion is from the HTC U24 line. Perhaps more advanced than the HTC U23 and HTC U23 Pro from the previous year. The announcement of this move will signal HTC’s comeback to India.

HTC Vive announced a new product launch in the nation through a teaser post on X. The image features a coming soon tag along with the hashtag “Allforu.” A gadget with the text Al24U is visible in the picture. The device seems to be an HTC U24 series smartphone, despite the corporation not disclosing the precise name.

According to reports, the HTC U24 and HTC U24 Pro are under development. On the webpages of Bluetooth SIG and Geekbench, one of these phones with model number 2QDA100 was recently observed. The listing revealed the phone’s anticipated features, which included Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, Android 14, 12GB of RAM, and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 SoC.

Upgrades over the HTC U23 and HTC U23 Pro are anticipated for the HTC U24 and U24 Pro smartphones, respectively. The new models are probably going to keep their IP67 approved construction and full HD+ 120Hz OLED panels.

HTC will make a comeback to India with the release of a new gadget. After fierce competition from Chinese smartphone manufacturers, the brand, which has mostly operated in the premium smartphone sector, has slowed down its mobile division globally in recent years. For VR-related advancements, it has a separate subsidiary named Vive.

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