Icelandic Singer Kahnin is here with another single, Ducktape

Icelandic Singer Kahnin is here with another single, Ducktape

Music is perhaps what we need the most during these difficult times. So we must be grateful to the Icelandic singer Kahnin, who is here with his second single this year – “Ducktape”.

“Ducktape” is an alternative rock/pop song that can’t help but make you groove. Shot against the backdrop of the scenic Icelandic plains and shores, it features Kahnin in a long drive inside his car. The car is actually a major prop of this song, inside whose trunk is the singer bounded with ducktape. The lyrics speak of fear, loneliness and vulnerability. Yet, Kahnin manages to find the right beat to make the song itself enjoyable and catchy. The music is highly reminiscent of Peter Gabriel and David Bowie, two of Kahnin’s inspirations. There is also a touch of the Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire.

In a time when most artists are taking a break, Kahnin has been going all out. Before ‘Ducktape’ he had released ‘Stardust’ right in the middle of the pandemic. A song that reminded you of old-school rock, it too drew inspiration from David Bowie and his wife Angie who had re-defined the rock culture of the 70s. ‘Stardust’ was a song about a hopeless romantic wondering if his woman would love him back. The lyrics masterfully spelt the trepidations and excitement of a lover waiting for THE answer. ‘Stardust’ was an immediate success, landing Kahnin on the radar of recognition. As of now, it has been played 350,000 times on Spotify and garnered 1.1 million views on YouTube. His other works include Wonderland, Satelite Boy, Brand New Star and Sunny Day.


Gudmundur Jens Gudmundsson, professionally known by his stage name Kahnin, was just a regular fisherman until a few years ago. He was responsible for his small, family-run fishing company that specialized in hunting rare catches. Naturally, he spent a lot of his time away from home, in remote rocks and lonely ships. Perhaps it was in this solitude of nature that he first realized his passion for music. But it was still just a hobby for him until a friend suggested him in 2017 to form an album. This led to his first album, “Family” in 2018 – dedicated to his wife and two daughters. Two years later, this Keflavik-born singer is winning hearts with his simple yet beautiful music.

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