Ike Mann – The Mann, The Myth, The ……well he’s on his way there!

Ike Mann – The Mann, The Myth, The ……well he’s on his way there!

If you’re a talented musician but you’re trying to find a place in the music industry, then all roads lead to Ike Mann as he has become the man that people in the industry are looking up to.

He is a promoter of talent, who has music in his veins and is also trying to develop others. Ike knows the language of music. A connoisseur of sourcing fresh talent and listening to new music from the world of music, Ike is the Talent manager who is appreciated for the fact that he understands talent.

Some of his biggest strengths is to have an eye for young talent, and carries an ambition to find new talent and help develop them. He is also attends independent talent shows both in the UK and Miami to look for up and coming talent. Most of his time he spends on social media apps like Sound Cloud, YouTube and several other sites where he can find the next ‘big thing’.

Ike Mann believes there are a lot of unknown and unexplored talent all over the world. With the aid of creativity, he strives to make strides in the industry and encourages others thinking to do so, to follow suit.

Mr Mann is undoubtedly a grounded person who distinguishes himself from other managers, because he does not want to manage those who are already famous but those who have the talent and the ability to become a celebrity. His parting words to this brief interview are “It’s hard work to emerge from the ground up. The important thing is you put in that work, and learn lessons during your journey”.

Ike Mann can be found on Instagram @ikemann123 . Check out his cool page.

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