Impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on Digital World

Impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on Digital World

Currently we are living amidst a global pandemic, it’s very much obvious that the impact that this pandemic has created will haunt us for decades.

With the medical advancements and research facilities of our age, we would never have even dreamt of such a standstill for the whole world happening. Even if this pandemic has not affected you directly, everyone on this world is impacted may be directly or indirectly.

The digital world is no exception for this. However, we could not directly say that the impacts of covid 19 pandemic on digital world is a bad one.

Let’s dive in a little deeper to see the true effects both good and bad things about this pandemic on the digital world.

Impacts of Covid 19 pandemic on digital world

The world while it was moving towards digitalization, since the past decade, the impact of the covid 19 pandemic on the world has increased its pace. Here are some of the examples of the global digitalization which happened much quickly as an effect of the pandemic.

Online Classes

Who knows, digitalization of academic education might have been the lease in the priority list for digitalization. No one would have even thought to make such things possible this soon in pre covid times.

 But today, the impact of Covid 19 pandemic in the digital world has increased the use of online and live classes and made that possible real quick.


Though e-commerce has prevailed even during the pre covid days, that was used by a very few percentage of the people. Post Covid, e-commerce has become widely used by people from all walks of live. The market size has increased for e-commerce as an effect of the pandemic.

Increased Online Presence for Local Business

Since the beginning of the pandemic the most vulnerable businesses were small and local ones. Since they have got affected badly they have adapted themselves to the digital world by increasing their online presence using Local SEO and social media marketing to increase their revenue considerably.

Social Media Usage

This pandemic has increased the average number of internet users there by increasing the number of social media users as well. More users means a greater market to sell your products.

Work from Home

Usually getting a WFH option is not that easy in any office, there was always a lack of trust and confidence about the employees.

This unavoidable situation has proven that this form of working is much cost effective and productive as well. It was made possible due to the digitalization of the world, the world has become a small place now and we required a pandemic to realize that.

Though there are more positive things that has happened much rapidly in the digital world, there are negative things too.

Though digital marketing is thriving during these times, it’s also to be noted that the revenues are decreasing in many fields due to the lower spending capacity of people but we will bounce back soon by then we will be living in a digitalized world since we now know that is the need of the hour!

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