Entrepreneurs to watch: Ali Meshksar goes all in on social media to disrupt his industry

Entrepreneurs to watch: Ali Meshksar goes all in on social media to disrupt his industry

For Ali Meshksar, business is not just about creating a product, and with the power of social media, he’s managed to take his business to new heights by going beyond his competition.

Since the rise of Facebook, Twitter and subsequently Instagram, there’s been a major shift in consumer habits. For several years now the digital economy has been growing year-on-year with more shoppers looking online to connect with the brands they love.

Meshksar, co-founder of EA Home Design decided early on to use social media as a means to connect to people in his area, and to promote his growing business to new audiences. Starting with the launch of the company’s Instagram profile, the entrepreneur along with his co-founding partner Kevin Kamali, began to release high quality images of their kitchen and bathroom designs.

Over several months, the company saw growth in its following and more potential clients reaching out to enquire about their services. And in the competitive remodeling industry, in order to stand out, businesses have to differentiate themselves. Based in North Virginia, EA Home Design shares its latest projects to its followers on Instagram, and regularly distributes content to keep them engaged.

Part of the strategy has also been to create showcases so that his company can convey expertise to reveal its unique personality and offer to potential clients. By using platforms such as Instagram, EA Home Design is able to go much deeper into the various aspects of its service.

Through social media, and tapping into to audiences locally, Ali Meshksar has built not just a following for his business, but a growing customer base – connecting personally with homeowners in the area, and people interested in interior design.

How are you using social media to disrupt your industry?

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