A Fashionista, Beauty Blogger, Lifestyle Influencer and a Travel Junkie at Heart – The #BossLady – Aastha Mehta

A Fashionista, Beauty Blogger, Lifestyle Influencer and a Travel Junkie at Heart – The #BossLady – Aastha Mehta

Fashion and Lifestyle Bloggers and Influencers in India have been thriving and they serve as an important tool for fashion brands that want to reach out to an audience and colossal markets. From new clothing lines to accessories to designer labels and fashion events to fashion trends and styles — fashion bloggers are an expert on everything fashion. And one of the rising stars of the Fashion Influencer world is Aastha Mehta, who is currently a full-time Fashion, Beauty, Travel, and Lifestyle Influencer hailing from Mumbai. 

“Fashion was always my passion and there are no two ways about that. There never was.” Aastha added. She studied in London and along with her master’s degree she got one more thing back home with her – A dream of becoming a successful Fashion Influencer. 

“As for me, Fashion is freedom. It allows me to be who I am. It’s about being yourself. Fashion is about expressing yourself through your fashion choices. My idealogy has always been: ‘If people are going to stare, make it worth their while. Don’t do Fashion. Be Fashion” say’s Aastha. From highlighting current fashion trends, styles, and styling inspiration to reviewing luxury products, beauty recommendations, makeup videos, skincare and haircare hacks, lifestyle enthusiast, and a travel junkie at heart. Aastha also voiced out her awe-inspiring opinions and beliefs through her blog which brings out her strong powerful influential self through every post! Her followers adore her infectious, gleeful, and miraculous vibe which she spills on her page. She makes our wanderlust REAL. Her zest for life is spiteful. Truly, a self-made Boss Lady of her own empire!

She made her way up her dreams and she gives all the credit to her family and friends who stood by her like a rock and supported her in every way to become who she is today. “They are my world and they will always have my back,” she said. She has also been one of the finest Bollywood and Fashion content writers at India’s leading publication house at the Times Network where her content had millions of readers and her articles were always trending. Aastha knew content writing, how to crack breaking news, making it to the headlines, social media audiences, hashtags, how to shoot a Vlog, photography, etc. and these were also all the skills she needed to start a blog by herself. That’s when life came together for her and she finally pushed herself and persuaded her dream of Blogging
“The best part about Blogging is that the content you create is an expression or rather a part of you. It’s such a beautiful platform to express. Not just fashion, styling, beauty; there are so many things we bloggers or influencers can take up and change. We become walking talking advertisements to brands and companies. If we promote something good, something helpful to society, it can make such a huge impact and change millions of opinions. You have the power of VOICE. That’s the best part about blogging” Aastha said as she signed off. 
Aastha’s Instagram handle is @thebellame.co where she has more than 20K followers! 
We are sure that this Boss Lady is going to get out there to be a huge trendsetter very soon.
At first, she used to wake up every morning and rush to her workplace and do the regular morning grind of content writers…Find out “what’s trending?”….now she wakes up to see that she is “Trending” all over social media!

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