In the most recent durability test, the OnePlus Open was bent, scratched, and burned. This is what follows

In the most recent durability test, the OnePlus Open was bent, scratched, and burned. This is what follows

After undergoing a durability test, the OnePlus Open smartphone has proven to be a strong competitor among foldable devices, according to YouTuber Zack Nelson, also known as JerryRigEverything. The OnePlus Open appears to have raised the bar in terms of foldable phone durability, which has been a major deterrent to their wider adoption.

The test included the traditional durability standards of burning, scratching, and evaluating ingress protection. With its unique Ceramic Guard protection, the outside 6.31-inch cover display easily withstood a Mohs level 7 pick. Nevertheless, level 3 scratches revealed vulnerability on the Ultra Thin Glass inner screen. This is consistent with flexible screens’ nature, which leans more toward plastic than glass. The camera module and rear panel, in particular, showed remarkable resistance to scratches.

The hinge of the OnePlus Open proved robust in the face of unusual testing; it was intended to withstand over a million folding cycles. The IPX4 ingress protection successfully stopped dust and debris from entering the mechanism, and neither the addition of gravel nor the frequent opening and closing of the hinge compromised its structural integrity. The gadget demonstrated remarkable resilience to forceful falls.

The OnePlus Open proved robust in the pivotal bending test, a test in which many foldables fail. When the device was bent past 180 degrees, it showed flexibility, but when pressure was released, it reverted to its original shape. Despite having changed how it folded, the flexible screen still worked perfectly.

The expert use of materials like titanium alloy and carbon fiber in the OnePlus Open’s frame, along with a well-thought-out hinge design, are responsible for its longevity. The OnePlus Open is now positioned as a leader in the foldable phone market thanks to this successful durability test, which raises the bar for competitors. OnePlus has established the OnePlus Open as a top competitor in the foldable smartphone market with a combination of strength and comparatively lightweight design.

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