A large cooling chamber that rivals that of most smartphones is revealed during the disassembly of the OnePlus 12

A large cooling chamber that rivals that of most smartphones is revealed during the disassembly of the OnePlus 12

The YouTube channel WekiHome has already provided the first teardown of the OnePlus 12, which is presently exclusive to China (via Android Authority). The impressive internal components of the phone, especially its large vapor cooling chamber, are revealed by this thorough investigation.

The phone’s internal components are thoroughly examined in the teardown video, which also features the 64MP periscope camera, the 48MP ultrawide camera, and the 50MP Sony dual-layer stacked Lytia 808 sensor. The motherboard, wireless charging pad, NFC antenna, and other essential parts are also visible.

When the group gets to the deeper layers, though, that’s when the real action happens. A sizable vapor cooling chamber can be seen in the video directly beneath the phone’s screen. This massive machine dwarfs the majority of smartphones’ cooling systems.

Targeting Apple

This remarkable cooling mechanism seems to be a direct reaction to Apple’s contentious design decisions made with the iPhone 15. There are reports that Apple with the iPhone 15’s thermal system to make it lighter, raising questions about heat management. It appears that OnePlus has adopted the opposite strategy, putting an emphasis on performance and long-term power with its massive cooling solution.

Worldwide Accessibility

Although the OnePlus 12’s worldwide release date is still unknown, the company has stated that it will go on sale in the first part of 2024. For Android users seeking a flagship smartphone with outstanding performance and thermal management, the OnePlus 12 is proving to be a compelling choice thanks to its powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, sophisticated camera system, and sturdy cooling solution.

It’s interesting to see how the OnePlus 12 stacks up against other flagship smartphones in terms of performance and thermal efficiency, and this teardown provides insightful information about the device’s engineering and design. Users of the OnePlus 12 should be encouraged by the phone’s larger vapor cooling chamber, which implies that it can handle even the most taxing tasks without throttling.

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