India Unveils Qubo Q200, Q400, and Q500 Smart Air Purifiers

India Unveils Qubo Q200, Q400, and Q500 Smart Air Purifiers

Legend Electronix’s image, Qubo, has presented another line of Savvy Air Purifiers in India, following the new send off of Dashcams and GPS Trackers. The three variations, Q200, Q400, and Q500, take special care of different homes, including rooms, work spaces, and enormous parlors.

Qubo Shrewd Air Purifiers

These air purifiers brag a first rate 4-layer filtration framework, including a HEPA H13 channel and nano-silver antibacterial covering. They successfully catch particles as little as 0.03 micron, dispensing with 99.97% of poisons like residue, dust, pet dander, and shape.

Qubo has coordinated savvy highlights for simple activity, permitting controller through the Qubo application. The application likewise gives bits of knowledge into outside and surrounding air quality.

Qubo’s exclusive artificial intelligence innovation, QSensAI, upgrades the gadgets by changing execution in light of encompassing PM2.5 levels and learning the client’s inclinations after some time. These one of a kind highlights guarantee clean air as well as add to energy reserve funds and drag out the channel’s life expectancy.

Speedy details: Qubo Brilliant Air Purifier Q200, Q400 and Q500

Inclusion Region: 200 Sq ft; 400 Sq ft and 500 Sq ft individually

PM 2.5 Presentation: Driven

CADR: 150 m3/h; 300 m3/h and 350 m3/h

Power: 38W; 35W and 45W

Max Commotion: 55 dB/A

Engine and Sensor: AC (Q200); DC (Q400 and Q500) and PM 2.5 Sensor
Channels: 4.1 (Pre Channel, Nano Silver enemies of microorganisms channel, Initiated Carbon, and H13 HEPA Channel)

Channel life: Up to 9000hrs

Modes: Manual, Auto, Rest and QSensAI

Fan Speed: 1, 2, 3

Others: Wi-Fi support, Channel Change Pointer, Contact Board, Youngster Lock, Timetable and Clock

Weight: 2.4kg (Q200); 3kg (Q400) and 4kg (Q500)

Variety: White

Qubo Application

Valuing and accessibility

The Qubo Shrewd Air Purifiers are currently accessible on the organization’s site,, and online stages like

Savvy Air Purifier Q200: Rs. 12,990 (MRP) (Send off offer – Rs. 4,990)
Savvy Air Purifier Q400: Rs. 17,990 (MRP) (Send off offer – Rs. 6,990)
Shrewd Air Purifier Q500: Rs. 22,990 (MRP) (Send off offer – Rs. 8,990)

They will before long be available at Qubo’s disconnected stores also.

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