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Insider Tips for the 2020 California Wedding Planner

Insider Tips for the 2020 California Wedding Planner

Are you planning a wedding for 2020? Whether you are a professional planner, bride, groom or friendly helper, knowing insider tips can help you plan the perfect event. The good news is that from venues to wedding rentals Los Angeles, San Diego and the rest of California have a lot to offer. These are some tips that can help you make the most of your wedding planning experience.

1) It’s All About Theme

Perhaps the single most important aspect of making any wedding or other event look stunning is consistency. The visual theme of the wedding is how all the parts come together. The color palette is part of this, but it goes much further than that. The theme should include some visual motifs such as wildflowers that are repeated throughout the event.

Keep this theme in mind as you make decisions. For example, when you are choosing your table linens, you want ones that match the theme. If you are going with a wilder and more rustic look, you may want to choose napkins with a rougher weave.

Even with a relatively small budget, a well-themed wedding will look amazing. This is especially true if the venue plays into the theme also.

2) Let Professionals Handle the Hard Parts

Many couples are tempted to try to do it themselves to save some money. This can be a good way to cut down the budget in some areas. However, keep in mind that the more you do yourself, the more you have to clean up afterward.

For example, you may be able to score some cheap used tables that can help you cut down your wedding furniture rental budget. However, you will need to remove those tables at the end of the event. Many amateur planners neglect the logistics the come after the wedding itself. Sometimes it is best to hire professionals to handle some aspects of the logistics for you, even if it seems more costly on paper.

3) Examine the Guest List

If you want to save money or make some room in your budget, the best thing you can do is make the wedding smaller. Every guest requires space, food, refreshments and more. Therefore, even a modest reduction in the guest list can help keep the budget under control.

Making sacrifices in this area can be especially challenging because it involves people and their feelings. A great way to contain the guest list while minimizing the possible social ramifications is to create a clear cutoff line. For example, consider only inviting relatives up to first cousins. Deciding based on degrees of separation can help make the reasoning less personal, especially with family.

Realize Your Wedding Vision

The above insider tips can help you plan your California wedding with ease. From the right San Francisco venue to the best wedding rentals San Diego has to offer, it all starts with the right plan of action. If you lay the right groundwork, the rest comes much more easily. Get started with your plan today and see what you can achieve.

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