Interview with Mrs. Nikta Mokhtari, an entrepreneur and CEO of Poshak Company

Interview with Mrs. Nikta Mokhtari, an entrepreneur and CEO of Poshak Company


Nikta Mokhtari, a young girl and a successful Iranian-Turkish influencer, is a famous singer.  Nikta has become famous in the virtual space, especially on Instagram and YouTube, due to the activities and successes she her had in Turkey in the last few years.  She is also fluent in Farsi, Turkish, English and a little Spanish and recently founded her own popular brand called BraveNikshop.  Nikta Mokhtari was born (28/07/1998) and currently lives in London – England.


You can follow Nikta Mokhtari on Instagram at @niktamokhtari.


Ms. Nikta Mokhtari needs no introduction for many of those who follow the developments in the field of entrepreneurship.


You are viewing a picture of Nikta Mokhtari at the Cannes Film Festival.





Nikta Mokhtari was studying law at university in Iran, and because of her great interest in law at university of law uk  is studying





Managing director, lecturer, entrepreneur and activist in the field of clothing.

Although at the beginning of the interview we asked him to introduce himself in the usual manner of interviews, but her activities in various fields and her presence in the media in recent years have caused many audiences to be familiar with him.


The interview with him was arranged quickly.


We entered her office at one o’clock in the afternoon.


A room that showed a very good view of a beautiful park.


She was very productive after entering her office.


The coming and going of many people, their many phones, which, of course, caused them to lose their concentration during the interview.


Social participations apparently constitute a large volume of her preoccupations, and in the interview she mentioned that she considers her most important achievement to be showing the possibility of success for half of the society (women).

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