iOS 18: Apple will prioritize Customizing the IPhone home Screen Over AI

iOS 18: Apple will prioritize Customizing the IPhone home Screen Over AI

At its annual developers conference, Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024, later this year, Apple is expected to unveil iOS 18, the next generation iPhone platform. Artificial intelligence features are reportedly going to be the main focus of iOS 18. On the other hand, recent news reports suggest that personalization options made possible by customized home screens on compatible iPhone models may receive equal weight.

Icons on the home screen could be arranged more freely by iOS 18 users with compatible iPhones, according to reports. Further customizing options for iPhone users would be provided by the ability to create rows, columns, and blank spaces in between app icons. It is already possible for users to customize Android devices.

As per Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, the integration of artificial intelligence in iOS 18 will make it the largest software update in iPhone history. Compared to what iOS 16 had provided, iOS 18 would offer more convenient home screen customization.

Apple’s WWDC, scheduled for June of this year, is anticipated to be the venue for the announcements pertaining to iOS. Expected announcements include new features, RCS support in the Message app, and generative AI functionality for Siri. All of the devices that support iOS 17 are reportedly compatible with iOS 18.

In his report, Mark Gurman mentioned that Apple is getting ready to update its iPad lineup, which should be released in March. The Bloomberg reporter that the iPad unveiling date of March 26 is untrue, despite the fact that the MacBook Air with M3 was already released on March 4.

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