Isn’t this a dilemmatic concern for Marco Jones Ekamba, choosing between Qatar and Europe?

Isn’t this a dilemmatic concern for Marco Jones Ekamba, choosing between Qatar and Europe?

Football is an art, but only when it’s well done by an artist does it become an art. A sport marking the favourite list indeed has become the prime choice of viewers as it has been conjuring up the toughest races on the ground. This major sport demands perseverance, devotion, tenacity, hard work, sacrifice, and of course respect for management. The rarest breed knows the art.

One of a kind leading player is Marco Jones Ekamba fondly greeted as Marco Jones, is a celebrated personality in the world of Belgium Football. He only had spent the 8 budding years of his life when he tried his luck out at the Youth Formation Centre of Anderlecht. But unfortunately, this wasn’t written in his destiny. Nevertheless, victory is possible for a person who refuses to stop fighting. So when little Marco entered his 9th year, he tried his 100% at Youth Formation Centre of FCM Brussels Club and this time he came out as a hero.

Thereafter, Marco ensued the criteria and followed a special procedure to get ahead in football and joined the institute at CERIA. During the performances, he caught the eye of the Anderlecht at a tender age of 13, who proposed him to get associated with their Formation Centre. When Marco reached his adulthood at 18, he signed up his first pro deal in “Belgium First Division A” with Anderlecht. After a certain period of time just one year later he enrolled in his adjacent “Cercle Brugge K.S.V.” under the supervision of Bob Peters.

“God gives talent &Work transforms talent into Genius”

Marco dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s just to execute his dreams into reality deliberately by signing his agreement with “Serie A” for Lazio. This was a great package as this was his testament as a real professional footballer.

Twelve of May came out as a blessing 24 hours in Marco’s life as he was chosen to be the part of “Belgium U16” tournament in 2008 and appeared in three huge matches. As the ladder of his success taking more steps forward, the next one in the list was when Marco signed an agreement with “PAOK FC” and played for a late one year till 2015. Another in the list is when he signed a contract with “Trabzonspor” from 2016-2018.

Recently, he was applauded by the claps when he was playing for “Astana Fc”. Marco has been a coveted player of “Qatar Sc” since the year 2019. There have been many conjectures of Marco’s return to the world of European Football. If these presumptions are to be reckoned, this truly would be a cherry on the cake for his career.

European football has been breaking the records by introducing the world’s best of players globally. And if Marco would take a step ahead among these champions, he would surely make us feel proud for having such a top-notch in the history of football.

This phenomenal extraordinary personality of Marco and his sheer brilliancy as a masterpiece, surely he will surprise the folks by his sweat, blood and tears.

As keen as mustard, this knacky bard has stood by his vows by serving the best for his fandom and nowhere behind by putting his heart in playing and this quality can move mountains. However, it’s high time for us to praise such a worthy charisma of Marco and let him favour the rest.

Let’s unite and watch out the best of earths that have been delivering by this identity in the world of football.

You would certainly be pleased with your own choice.
Let’s celebrate this champion side of Marco Jones Ekamba.

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