JASMINER New X16-Q Open Pre-sale, Surprise Price

JASMINER New X16-Q Open Pre-sale, Surprise Price

JASMINER X16-Q is the first quiet product of the X16 series released by JASMINER in November, has undoubtedly focused the attention of users around the world, and let consumers once again appreciate the unique technical charm of JASMINER.

The JASMINER X16-Q, with “Quiet” as its main feature, is the “wind vane” of the low-power mining machine market, and has the important mission of driving the industry’s momentum recovery and boosting market confidence. The JASMINER launch of new products, but also has the price and production capacity advantages to actively prepare for the market, with the X16 series of important strategic position and great “product power” to reawaken the confidence and vitality of the market dormant for six months.

JASMINER X16-Q applies a new generation of JASMINER self-developed high throughput chip processor, with ultra-high throughput, ultra-high bandwidth, ultra-low power consumption, ultra-efficient ratio, and extraordinary quality five super capabilities in one. With five hardcore superpowers, the JASMINER X16-Q has a hash rate of 1845MH/s±10%, power consumption of only 630W±10%, and a world-leading energy efficiency ratio of 0.34J/MH, where the server runs with only 40dB±10% noise and 8G storage (DAG).

The innovative 3U standard form allows the JASMINER X16-Q to comprehensively revolutionize the future crypto mining scenario. The size like a home computer host allows it to be placed in different environments such as family rooms, bedrooms, and IDC rooms, taking into account the technological atmosphere and practicality, redefining a new standard for future high throughput computing power production.

Since last year, JASMINER X4 1U and X4-Q have been launched one after another, and the low-power, high-throughput server has become a new growth engine for the global mining market. Now, JASMINER X16-Q is ready to come. With the product surprise price and sufficient production capacity implemented for X16-Q, JASMINER X16-Q will replicate the sales miracle of X4 series and become the global high throughput computing brand sales bearer, and also will become the new benchmark of low-power mining.

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