JASMINER X4-Q “Mining + Heating” Dual Power Saving

JASMINER X4-Q “Mining + Heating” Dual Power Saving

Since the full-blown Russian-Ukrainian conflict erupted earlier in the year, Russian gas flows to Europe have been drastically cut, and this, combined with multiple rounds of summer heat waves and severe droughts, has repeatedly pushed gas and electricity prices in Europe to record highs.

Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) data show that on August 23, local time, is regarded as the “European natural gas price benchmark” of the Dutch TTF natural gas futures contract settlement price rose 13.17%, at 276.75 euros / megawatt hour. This settlement price again set a historical record, compared with the same period last year rose more than 5.5 times.

Soaring gas prices are also affecting the price of electricity in Europe. European power exchange data show that France, Germany recently conducted the average price of August 24 power auction up to 645.54 euros / megawatt hour and 624.34 euros / megawatt hour.

Peak electricity consumption in Europe generally occurs during the winter heating season. With Russia cutting gas supplies, high temperatures and dry weather affecting hydro and nuclear power generation, as well as coal-fired cargo transportation, the challenges facing Europe’s power grid will become more daunting, especially for European households, whose electricity consumption will become even tighter.

As one of the strongest high hash rate, low power consumption ETC miners on the market, JASMINER’s newly launched JASMINER X4-Q allows lower electricity mining costs to be converted into higher mining revenue. Home users can not only use the mining revenue to pay for electricity, on the one hand, to solve the high heating costs, while using the product’s own quiet, heat dissipation function disguised as a heater, to help the majority of European families save electricity mining while spending a warm winter, simply two birds with one stone. The next step is to talk about this treasure mining machine for European families in detail.

High hash rate, low power consumption, high yield

As a truly high hash rate, low power consumption miner, the JASMINER X4-Q offers a hash rate of over 1040MH/s, but with a power consumption of only 480W and an energy efficiency ratio as low as 0.46J/MH, which is the strongest level in the market today. In the second half of this year, ETC market value and hash rate have skyrocketed, just a few days ago ETC’s network hash rate has created a new record high, according to analysis ETC is likely to exceed the record again in the near future, and JASMINER X4-Q is specifically for mining ETC, the device will be connected to the network, the user can use the cell phone remote supervision, at any time to view the equipment operating status and mining ETC’s high yield.

Thermal efficiency over 97%, a natural home heater

The new JASMINER X4-Q adopts a unique thermal design structure, in addition to the very little power consumption consumed by its own chip, the whole machine provides more than 440W of thermal energy, with a thermal efficiency of more than 97%, a single machine can meet the heating needs of a small area. The most intuitive benefit of the improved thermal efficiency is the reduction in energy consumption and improved heat release, making it a natural home heater. In addition to this JASMINER X4-Q also has multiple software and hardware protection devices such as anti-overheating, anti-over-voltage, anti-leakage, and anti-dry burning to ensure maximum stability, safety and reliability of equipment operation.

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