Jasper Thomas is changing the face of Caribbean music, here’s how:

Jasper Thomas is changing the face of Caribbean music, here’s how:

Music has been an integral part of human society for a long time and it can often be seen that those who dabble in music are the ones who have the biggest influence. This is because music has the capacity to change lives when done right irrespective of whether you are a creator or just a listener. On this note we introduce a rising musical influence from the Bahamas and the Caribbean, Jasper Thomas aka DJ Ovadose. Growing up DJ Ovadose always had a love for music and at the age of 11 decided to take it seriously as a career choice for the rest of his life. However it wasn’t until 2016 that DJ Ovadose found the momentum which would make him an international success. However, ever since then, there has been no looking back for him.

DJ Ovadose’s talent has taken him all around the world. DJ Ovadose was the official DJ of the St John’s annual Mardi Gras, Miss Teen Bahamas competition, St Anne’s SAC and St Andrew’s school dances. In 2016 the name DJ Ovadose became synonymous with Alcated Pixie brand and in 2017, he opened for hiphop artist Wale. His sensational popularity motivated him to voice many public service announcements including antibullying, antidrugs and Autism awareness. The pandemic years also saw the comeback of Ovadose Radio as a platform which allows DJ Ovadose to not only express his mixing skills but also extend it as a platform to invite celebrated DJs from all over the world and interact with them in a manner which will delight fans of Ovadose Radio as well as bring something new to the music industry.

One might have doubts whether DJ Ovadose suffered at the hands of his fame especially in terms of his academic career. However this could not be any further from the truth as DJ Ovadose must surely have been born with a shining destiny. At present he is in his final year of schooling holding the position of president of the interact club as well as being the student council president. It is DJ Ovadose’s patience practice and belief in God that allows him to realise that nothing is impossible. This is the main reason why DJ Ovadose is a great follower of the motto “Work smart not hard, don’t be good be great and if you keep God first you will be infinitely blessed.” We hope to see more of DJ Ovadose in the future and wish him all the best in his upcoming pursuits.

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