“ Jay Arre “ The CEO

“ Jay Arre “ The CEO

Brian Perrett, known as “ Jay Arre “ is an upcoming artist from North Carolina born in Wurzburg, Germany. Jay runs his own company Cake In Ya Face LLC.

His company is centered around motivational multi-faceted music & entertainment. With producers, audio engineers, videographers, writers/editors, graphic & apparel design artists, dancers, talent scouts, models & motivational speakers we work to win not merely maintain, encouraging any & everyone that success is attainable yet relative & the only way to reach it is grinding to thrive. 

Passion & purpose align; as a youngster the love for the arts was always prevalent in his life. Utilizing writing as primary form of expression throughout his youth it only, like repetition with anything, enhanced penmanship. As time progressed through the duration of schooling that penmanship transcended into literary elements then eventually music & screen writing. 

The company was generated in 2016/2017 when all moving parts came together post collegiate studies. Generating business partners with like minds from solid friendships, everyone offers something. The same way a tree extends with branches so does jay’s company as the heads of their departments. Collectively they have seen the insides of & been published in ACE magazine, XXL magazine, The Source magazine, Genius platform. Affiliated with SXSW, BET experience, A3C, Live Nation, Atlantic Records, Republic Records & Def Jam, we are currently looking to expend, solidify & maximize a more permanent role as an independent entity. 

The company’s short term goals are vast but being attained while its long term goals are being set up and seen through by the short. With many fluctuations in this industry to have been able to thrive for the past 4/5 years is nothing short of a blessing and further inspiration to continue building & partnering with other juggernauts that have the same winner mentality.

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