Jewish Baby Strollers Used to Spread Hate on Google Images

Jewish Baby Strollers Used to Spread Hate on Google Images

End Jew Hatred is a grassroots civil rights organization dedicated to centering Jewish liberation from all forms of oppression and discrimination. It exists to unpick the threads of Jew hatred which exist at the heart of our culture. We see evidence of this hatred across society, especially online. Even a simple Google image search for Jewish baby strollers was manipulated by hate groups to produce horrific results of portable ovens being pushed by Jews.

The use of Jewish Baby Stroller images to manipulate Google image results is just the tip of the iceberg says Brooke Goldstein, a human rights activists and lawyer dedicated to ending the hate against Jewish people. “Without concerted opposition from the Jewish community and its allies, this kind of persecution will continue and only get worse” says Brooke. 

Founded in September 2020, the movement focuses on using direct action to impose consequences on Jew haters. The group does not waste time with petitions, nor get involved with partisan politics. Direct action includes anything from protesting at a set location with placards, delivering speeches, to carrying out a sit-in or other form of more hands-in protest. For example, End Jew Hatred carried out an action protesting USC Chair Rick Caruso, for enabling Jew hatred to remain unchecked on his campus. 

End Jew Hatred is also partnered with the LawFare Project, which provides legal advice and support. Through collaboration with Lawfare, End Jew Hatred was able to persuade Zoom, Facebook and YouTube to deny Leila Khaled a platform to spread her hatred of Jews.

This kind of action is vital to letting vile haters know their discrimination will not be tolerated. Taking the fight to the enemy, imposing swift consequences and making sure that they can’t get away with it is absolutely necessary to stopping bigotry in its tracks. It also warns other would be discriminators that they should think twice before acting publicly on their prejudice. 

The End Jew Hatred movement is vital at this time in history. As we move into a more confused and angry time, far-right and far-left again are once again turning against Jewish people as a scapegoat for their problems. Smears like the Jewish baby stroller image search are everywhere. A group of bigoted trolls manipulated search results to place pictures of gas grills and ovens with the text Jewish baby strollers. The purpose was to remind Jews of the holocaust, causing upset and pain. 

End Jew Hatred believes that when Jews stand together, they are strong. Jews do not need to tolerate constant attacks and persecution. Instead, mobilizing the community against threats will secure liberty for this and future generations. It is not enough that Jews have done better in America than elsewhere. What is needed is a total end to Jew hatred. That’s why it’s more than just an organization. By taking a decentralized approach, the movement belongs to no-one. Instead it empowers partner organizations to work together to face up the challenges of our time, without relying on a centralized, slow moving, top-down leadership. 

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